Our favourite folding bicycles

small compact folding bicycle

For your convenience, we’ve selected some of the finest foldable bicycles available. In terms of style, strength and functionality, both companies below promote quality and innovation to produce foldable bicycles to the highest possible standard.


Wayel foldable e-bikes

Characterised by their unique design and advanced technical solutions, Wayel is an entirely Italian-made company that focuses on bringing foldable electrical bicycles to the urban setting. In addition to the daily commute, Wayel foldable e-bikes are also perfect for the suburbs and are agile and compact enough to even take on holiday. We used the E-Bit H foldable electric bike in our pitch on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den. See more by clicking on the styles below:


Nanoo foldable bikes

In just 10 seconds, the distinctive architecture of the all-aluminum frames can be folded simply and smoothly. Through its unique design, the bicycles are easily transported using their own wheels; replacing traditional methods of lifting the bicycles up exhibited on other models of foldable bikes. As the bicycles are both lightweight and compact, they are perfect for the city commute and journeys that involve public transport. See more by clicking on the styles below: 

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