Two styles, Infinite safety

Magnetic LED Direction indicators for bicycles

We offer two variations to our innovative Wing Lights; each with their own unique features. Browse and select the one that suites your cycling style best.


WingLights Magnetic

Made of robust and shockproof aluminium, WingLights Magnetic are perfect for journeys where your bike may experience a bit of wear and tear. The 100% waterproof LED lights magnetically attach to the end of your bike’s handlebars to ensure painless portability. Once detached, the WingLights magnetically attach themselves to each other to form a compact keyring on a carabiner clip that can be comfortably carried on your belt, keys or bag.

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WingLights Fixed

With their slick and subtle design, the 100% waterproof WingLights Fixed were modelled with the daily urban commuter in mind. They stay firmly attached inside your handlebar ends and remain unchanged through challenging weather conditions and difficult terrains.

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  • high quality LED direction indicators for bikes

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