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RearViz ST-35

Product image 1RearViz ST-35
Product image 2RearViz ST-35
Product image 3RearViz ST-35
Product image 4RearViz ST-35
Product image 5RearViz ST-35
Product image 6RearViz ST-35
Product image 7RearViz ST-35

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The RearViz ST-35 is the Sports edition of the RearViz Mirror. With a fully-rotatable base and a mirror that pivots 180 degrees riders can position their mirror anywhere on their arm to find the perfect rearward vision to suit their eyesight and riding style. The Sports RearViz is one of our best sellers as it has a wide, flexible plastic housing to fit comfortably anywhere from the lower wrist to upper forearm. With a 2-year UV resistance guarantee and high quality materials used, your new RearViz will last you a lifetime! The Sports RearViz also comes with a Universal (one size fits all) Armband, making it a perfect fit any rider. 

Key benefits of the Sports edition:

  • Flexible, Wide Plastic Housing
  • Universal Armband
  • 2-Year UV Resistance
  • Interchangeable with the RearViz Universal Camera Mount 
  • Colours available: Black, Blue, Green
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