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How to Stay Fresh on a Summertime Bike Commute

Living in one of the bike friendliest cities in the United States (a special shoutout to Madison, WI, I love you and your bike paths dearly), my commute is always a great time. However, one thing I’ve grown to dislike about a summertime bike commute is how the Sun’s normally-lovely heat can make one work up quite the sweat during their ride. The last thing any bike commuter wants is to show up to work sweaty and gross, after working so hard to look clean and professional beforehand. It’s hard for bike commuters to stay fresh, but certainly not impossible. In this blog, I’ll be discussing ways you can still enjoy your bike commute while staying cool, fresh, and professional.

Don’t want to sweat? Ride slow and wear deodorant

The easiest and most practical way to avoid sweating, would be to use a product created to prevent sweating! Of course I’m talking about deodorant, which is a great solution to anyone looking to stay dry during their summer commute. By washing and applying deodorant before your ride, you’ll lower the amount you’re sweating by quite a bit, and may even smell great! Riding slower to keep your heart rate down can also help prevent sweating!

man cycling in the street

Stay hydrated- It’ll help you on your commute and in life!

I’ll admit, I’m a bit of an aquaholic when it comes to my water consumption, so I do promise to try and rave about how great water tastes as little as I can. That said, water is one of the best ways to stay fresh on your hot, sweaty bike commute! Sweat occurs when your body temperature increases, and drinking water, even if it's not cold, can counteract that by lowering your body temperature greatly! Essentially, to avoid perspiration, give hydration a shot!

Work clothes can be bike friendly, too!

As an amateur fashion scout, one thing I’ve noticed over the last few years is how the lines between casual, athletic, and formal wear are slowly beginning to blur. Suddenly, you may see someone with a nicer outfit at the gym than you’ll see at the office. This evolution in modern style has created one of the best ways to stay fresh while commuting- wear something that won’t cause you to break a sweat! There are a plethora of brands and companies specializing in workwear that is designed to let your body breathe and keep you cool during your shift, so that same breathability could certainly work for your commute! If you’re looking for a new work uniform that won’t have you showing up sweaty, consider checking out some more lightweight uniform material that keeps you cool without compromising the dress code.

Summer bicycle ride

I hope I helped you out!

I love my bike commute, and no amount of heat will stop me from riding to my job- and I certainly hope it won’t stop you from riding to yours! Hopefully these tips I’ve provided will make your commute a bit smoother as you attempt to stay fresh- both literally, and figuratively. After all, we should be gross and sweaty at the end of our shifts, not the beginning! 

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