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WingLights 360 Fixed

Product image 1WingLights 360 Fixed
Product image 2WingLights 360 Fixed
Product image 3WingLights 360 Fixed
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WingLights 360 Fixed 
High quality direction indicators and permanent sidelights for bicycles and e-scooters
WingLights 360 Fixed are high quality direction indicators (turn signals) and sidelights that attach to the handlebar ends of your bicycle. Easy to install and use, the indicators flash bright amber or can be used as sidelights for a permanent light function. WingLights can be seen from all angles and at any time of the day. 

Stop Dangerous Overtaking With a Single Tap

There are approximately 19,000 accidents involving bicycles on the UK’s roads every year, with 75% of them occurring at junctions and major turns. CYCL aims to reduce this figure by helping to improve cyclists’ visibility in these dangerous areas and scenarios. When using WingLights as a supporting visual aid, in combination with hand signals, you increase the likelihood of being seen by drivers and other cyclists. This ultimately lowers the chances of potential collisions and also helps to increase your confidence when riding.

Easy To Use

With WingLights360 Fixed, the LED indicators are attached straight onto the mounters. This means that you only need to screw them into your handlebars and you’re good to go.

Press and hold to activate WingLights360s permanent light function, with white (front) and red (back) LEDs highlighting the riders' dimensions - helping to avoid close passes. With a single tap they transform into direction indicators, informing other road users of the cyclists' intentions thanks to flashing orange LEDs. 

Made of robust and shockproof aluminium, WingLights 360 are perfect for your urban commute where you bike may experience a bit of wear and tear. They are USB rechargeable, with 3 hours battery life when used as a permanent light and a charge time of under 30 minutes.

WingLights Indicators and Turn Signals for E-Scooters

WingLights are suitable as indicators for e-scooters, we recommend using our WingLights for e-scooter adaptor for the best fit. 

Not sure which WingLights are for you? Check out our comparison table to help find your perfect match or take a look at our installation page. 

Additional information

Indicator Brightness

48 lumens By 2 Extra Bright Power Efficient Orange LEDs Lights per Indicator with addition of 10 lumens Red and 10 lumens White LEDs Lights per Indicator.

Material High Quality Anodized Aluminium Construct CNC Machined.
Compatible With Any Straight or Curved (up to 60°) Handlebars with Inner. Diameter Between 14.7 mm and 23 mm.
Battery Compatibility USB Rechargeable, come with a micro USB cable capable of a full charge in under 30 minutes.
Weight on Bicycle 125g.


How To Install WingLights 360

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