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WingLights for E-scooters

With the increase of congestion and pollution caused by rapid urbanisation in cities across the world, more pressure is being placed on our public transportation systems. The rise of escooter availability in recent years has seen many people are opting for scooters to get around or for the 'last mile'. 

Our WingLights indicators for e-scooters. WingLights are directional indicators and sidelights that are mounted into handlebars and are designed to help reduce near misses by making your direction intentions known and highlighting your position on the road. WingLights produce a bright flashing light when activated with one touch and can be seen from all angles, at any time of day. Our 360 models can act as sidelights for a permanent light function.

You will be able to fit WingLights into most scooters with hollow round handlebars. We recommend using our WingLights E-scooter Adaptor for the best fit for Xiaomi and Ninebot electric scooter and the G30 Adaptor for Ninebot G30 Max

We recommend WingLights 360 Fixed or Mag for use with e-scooters since they feature a permanent position light option that helps increase all round visibility. The permanent sidelight function available on the 360 models means the width of your scooter will be highlighted in low light or in the dark. The sidelight function offers a white, front-facing light and a red, rear-facing light. 

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