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Natasha Miles: The Unlikely Cyclist Series

The CYCL team is made up of passionate cyclists who come from diverse backgrounds with varying abilities of cycling. We do it to keep fit, avoid the Tube and because we love it but we haven't always identified as "cyclists" and there's not a piece of Lycra between us. We wanted to show others that there are plenty of other unlikely cyclists out there. So we're decided to create a series photo-portraits and short interviews with people we meet along our way and getting them to tell us why they love to cycle and why. 

This week we catch up with Natasha Miles, Middlesex Cricket Women's T20 Captain and documentary maker. 

Girl Riding Electric Bicycle with Pollution Scarf

When and why do you cycle? 
I've only started cycling in the past year, I use bike sharing schemes to help me get from one side of London to the other quickly without having to worry about locking up a bike. I probably cycle 2 times a week when I want to beat rush hour on the tube. I started freelancing so I rarely go into central London, but when I do - I now cycle.

What do you love about cycling?
Having an option to stay away from the Tube and seeing the parts of London I only associate with underground stations. I use Jump bikes from Uber since I already was used to using my Uber app and I wanted to choose an electric bike. It made the idea of cycling a lot more accessible which is what I needed. 

What would be your piece of advice for people new to cycling? 
Try a bike scheme! I think everyone thinks cycling needs commitment and your own bike, but you can be a cyclist by using the sharing scheme. Plus there are so many in London; both electric and non electric so there's no reason not to. 

Also, my friend gave me a great piece of advice when I started which was to take up space. I felt nervous about cars and other road users, but I've realised by taking up space I'm a lot safer. 

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