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Totally ridiculous bicycle accessories you can buy in 2021 that you'll find hard to resist

Whether you’re a pro-cyclist, queen of the commute or new to cycling, you might be looking for some cool and crazy gadgets to elevate your cycle swag. Look no further, we’ve rounded up some of the most ridiculous bicycle accessories you won’t be able to resist.

Looking for the perfect gift for the cyclist in your life? Want to take your four legged fluffy friend on your cycle adventures? Perhaps you’re looking for a little treat for yourself… Cycling is a great way to get around, get your exercise and explore your local area. Check out these whacky accessories for your bicycle.

1. Bicycle Wine Rack - Leather Bike Bottle Holder

Ever start off on a ride and then realise you forgot to pack that vintage red you’ve been saving? No, we haven't either. But clearly someone has because a leather bicycle wine bottle holder was created, and bought by multiple people. We just wouldn’t put a bottle of prosecco on there!

2. Dog Bike Basket 

Sometimes it’s hard to leave your loved ones at home, especially when they're small, fluffy and need to be walked twice a day. Fear not, your little four legged friend can explore the great outdoors with you with this bike dog basket, because actually walking your dog may not be up your street or your friend's little paws might not be able to take the long distances. The carrier

3. Leather Banana Holder

We all know the feeling when you reach into your lunchbox for your mid morning snack and realise your banana has been totally squashed. Fear no longer, Etsy is the marketplace to find the products you didn't realise you needed until now. The Bicycle Banana Holder will keep your favourite snack snug and unsquashed. The only downside? No more banana bread. 

4. Space Cats Helmet

What says I take safety seriously then a helmet with cats flying through spaceIt's currently out of stock but you know we've put in a pre-order so we can fly through space on two wheels. In fact, we love all the Nutcase Helmets with whacky designs such as a Handy Medley - because why not!

5. Bottle Opener for Your Saddle 

After a long cycle down to the local park building up unnecessary sweat, a nice cool drink seems perfect but darn, you forgot your bottle opener - never fear. Fix this Road popper bottle opener into your saddle and never have that problem again! Just don’t drink and drive folks!

6. Bicycle Umbrella

We shared this product on our instagram a couple months ago as part of #bikeswelike - we loved how whacky and ridiculous it is. Whilst others may suggest a rain jacket and a towel off when you arrive at your destination, Under-Cover created this bicycle umbrella. It works by attaching an elongated umbrella to the bicycle frame with an integrated rain cap sown into the umbrella so you can put your head through the opening and have an unobstructed view and dry clothes. 

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