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Why the CYCL FaceGuard is the Only Face Covering You Need

Now that face coverings are commonplace in public places in most countries, you may have figured out what kind of face mask wearer you are:

  • The medical mask wearer - you buy them in bulk and you’ve always got a stash on you, just in case. 
  • The single black mask owner - you own one face mask and you’re not afraid to use it… multiple times.
  • The fashion face mask wearer - you've got one for every occasion in every colour. 

Whatever mask you’ve been wearing, you’re going to want to add the CYCL FaceGuard face covering to your mask collection.

Woman wearing faceguard

What Is the CYCL FaceGuard?

The CYCL FaceGuard is a tube scarf with four-layered nanofiber filter sewn in. It provides protection from airborne particulates such as pollution, smog, allergens and viruses. Both the scarf and the built-in filter are reusable and washable, maintaining a high level of filtration (99.5% of PM2.5) up to 50 washes. 

The tube scarf has a flexible metal nose strip ensuring a close fit with the face making it perfect for glasses wearers! The elastic cord at the back tightens the top of the FaceGuard around the entire head. 

Made from lightweight polyester and elastane, the FaceGuard is super flexible and also has both breathability and moisture-wicking properties.

The FaceGuard is a fashionable and economic alternative to a cloth face mask or face covering and a great way to protect yourself from day to day exposure, whether taking public transport, in crowded areas, taking a plane or protecting yourself from pollution or airborne allergens. 

Why Should You Wear It?

The tube scarf design of our FaceGuard has been designed to make wearing a face mask a breeze. Originally designed for cyclists trying to avoid pollution, the easy to pull up design, adjustable metal nose strip and elastic cord at the back makes it a versatile and effective alternative to over the ear face coverings. No need to fiddle with masks around wrists or look through your bag, the FaceGuard can sit happily around your neck and be ready when you need it. Made from lightweight polyester, it won’t leave you overheating either so can be worn through most months of the year. 

Man wearing FaceGuard Tube Scarf

How Does It Work? 

The FaceGuard uses nanofiber technology from Respilon. A nanofiber membrane is integrated into the scarf which filters air particulates and pollution. The filter has a four-layered textile laminate, with an inner layer formed by high-density nanofibers.

The nanofiber filter in the CYCL FaceGuard Pollution Scarf has been tested according to ASTM F2100 and EN 14683, at Nelson Labs USA. See our Technical Data Sheet here

Our FaceGuard Pollution Scarf uses Respilon® 57 filter. 

FaceGuard Infographic

Respilon®57 is a 4 layered textile laminate fabric composed of: 

  1. SB Polyprophylene Spunbond
  2. MB polypropylene Meltblown
  3. NV Nanofibers layer
  4. SB Polyprophylene Spunbond

Buy the CYCL FaceGuard here 

(for EU, shop here)

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