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FaceGuard Pollution Scarf

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The CYCL FaceGuard Pollution Scarf 

A tube scarf with an integrated four layered nanofiber filter, the FaceGuard Scarf provides protection from airborne particulates such as pollution, smog, allergens and viruses. Reusable and washable with a fit that suits all face shapes, the FaceGuard Pollution Scarf is a fashionable and economic alternative to a cloth face mask or face covering and great way to protect yourself from day to day exposure. 

If you are concerned about air pollution or airborne allergens and viruses and want to make sure you are protected, the FaceGuardcan help. It comes ready-to-use thanks to the integrated and washable PM2.5 nanofiber filter, meaning you can reuse the product for up to 50 washes and maintain protection (dependent on type and frequency of use, see FAQs for further details)


Designed with comfort, utility and everyday use in mind; the scarf has an integrated 4 layer filter and an adjustable nose strip and elastic closure that ensures minimal air leakage for any face shape. For use when walking through the city, cycling, skateboarding, using a scooter, whilst on an airplane or day to day protection from hay-fever.
To achieve best possible protection, the rectangular filter needs to fit over the nose and mouth to ensure inhaled air goes through the nanofiber membrane. To ensure a tight fit adjust both the tightness of the elastic band at the back of your head and the shape of the adjustable metal clip on your nose.

Nanofiber Filter Technology by Respilon

A nanofiber membrane is integrated into the scarf which filters particles and pollution. The filter has a four-layered textile laminate, with an inner layer formed by high-density nanofibers.
The nanofiber filter in the CYCL FaceGuard Pollution Scarf has been tested according to ASTM F2100 and EN 14683, at Nelson Labs USA. See our Technical Data Sheet here
Our FaceGuard Pollution Scarf uses Respilon® 57 filter. 

Respilon®57 is a 4 layered textile laminate fabric composed of: 
1. SB Polyprophylene Spunbond
2. MB polypropylene Meltblown
3. NV Nanofibers layer
4. SB Polyprophylene Spunbond

What are you protected from?


Can the Face Guard Pollution Scarf protect me from influenza or airborne viruses?

The FaceGuard Pollution Scarf does not belong to the equipment for the medical or professional use that would be certified by official standards, but it can help shield against airborne particles. Nanofiber filter masks usually belong to a one-time equipment category. However, because the nanofiber filter used is covered by special textile layer, the FaceGuard is more durable in terms of wear and care and therefore is able to be washed.

The FaceGuard Pollution Scarf can provide guaranteed virus protection before washing.
After washing it will still protect you but there will be some reduced effectiveness. For protection against viruses it is necessary to wash it after every single use. For protection from pollution, the scarf can be washed and you can still enjoy high levels of protection.
We recommend up to 50 washes, naturally there will be some decline in effectiveness as you approach the end of the life of the product. Always hand wash without using aggressive substances like softener or bleach and refer to our care instructions found in the FAQs more more guidance and care instructions. 

The FaceGuard Pollution Scarf can offer a comfortable and economic alternative to a
traditional face mask.
Following the lockdowns of global pandemic of Covid-19 and subsequent easing on lockdown measures, some governments are recommending using a face mask or face covering when in public spaces such as supermarkets, public transport or shops. FaceGuard can be used in this context, when you want an extra layer of protection. The integrated nanofiber filter offers 99.5% protection from PM0.1 (dependent on frequency and type of use)

Key features:

  • Anti-PM 2.5 scarf with nanofiber filter (filters 99.9% of PM 2.5)
  • UV cut ratio 99%
  • Integrated, rectangular nanofiber membrane filter consisting on 4 layer textile laminate fabric.
  • One size fits all - adjustable nose clip and elastic cord.
  • Hand-washable (water temperature not above 30C) and air dry only. (Use only soap, no fabric conditioner). Recommended usage of 50 washes. For washing instructions, please refer to our FAQs.
For more information view our Technical Data Sheet or read our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. 

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