The CYCL Team

  • Luca Amaduzzi

    Agostino Stilli
    Founder & CTO

    Liberatus Fusi-Akpodono
    Business Development

    Jonida Xhema

    Lisa Ebner

    Grant Dudson
    Electric Vehicle Distribution

    Ivan Jankovic


CYCL is a diverse team dedicated to improving the safety of cyclists worldwide. We truly believe in the benefits of cycling as a primary mode of transport; from improved health and fitness to a cleaner environment.
The company was founded in 2014 by Luca Amaduzzi, who first came up with the idea for bicycle indicators after experiencing the danger of London’s traffic from a cyclist’s’ perspective. Along with childhood friend and PhD student Agostino Stilli, Luca began designing the first WingLights model.

My first few years in London I biked everywhere. As anyone who has done the same will tell you, being ignored and nearly hit by motorists is the norm for cyclists. Frustrated, I turned to the internet for a solution. What I found was a large gap in the market. On one side there were hand signals: archaic, destabilising in nature, and at times downright dangerous. On the other side there was a range of cheaply made indicators, complicated in installation and illogical in design. Shortly after my realization I began discussing with my close friend and engineer Agostino Stilli about designing high-quality direction indicators for bikes. From there, WingLights were born. .” – Luca Amaduzzi CYCL’s ultimate aim is to create a multitude of high quality, innovative cycling accessories for people that love to get out on their bikes.



If you want to reach us with a general enquiry just drop us an email  at: or at
For marketing related enquiry please write us at:
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