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The CYCL Pollution Scarf 

***Please note, due to overwhelming demand, we are currently out of stock. You can still pre-order for delivery early April***

An anti-pollution filter and scarf in one, the CYCL Pollution Scarf provides protection from smog, dust, and allergens whilst keeping your neck warm, capturing 99.9% of all dangerous airborne particles and microorganisms from polluted air. That means it can help protect you and your family from pollution, CO2 and NO2 fumes, pneumonia, influenza, pet dander, pollen, smoke and other harmful airborne contaminants. 

If you are concerned about air quality and air pollution and want to make sure you are protected, the CYCL Pollution Scarf can help. Unlike other carbon-based pollution masks with replaceable filters, the CYCL Pollution Scarf comes ready-to-use thanks to the integrated and washable PM2.5 nanofiber filter. Breathability is ensured by the hand-washable cotton and nanofiber membrane composition that is key to scarf's extended lifespan. 

A nanofiber membrane is integrated into the scarf which filters particles and pollution. The filter has a four-layered textile laminate, with an inner layer formed by high-density nanofibers. 

Designed with comfort, utility and everyday use in mind; it has an adjustable nose strip and elastic closure to provide minimal air leakage for any face shape. 

To achieve best possible protection, the scarf needs to fit perfectly over the nose and face. This is ensured by the adjustable nose clip which makes sure the inhaled air goes through the nanofiber membrane. 

The nanofiber filter in the CYCL Pollution Scarf has been tested according to ASTM F2100 and EN 14683, at Nelson Labs USA.

Whether you're travelling by bicycle, moped, scooter, skateboard, by foot or even on the tube, feel confident navigating the city with Face Guard. Shield yourself from bacteria, smog, dust and pollution.

Key features:

  • Anti-PM 2.5 scarf with nanofiber filter (filters 99.9% of PM 2.5)
  • UV cut ratio 99%
  • One size fits all
  • Hand-washable (water temperature not above 30C) and air dry only.

View our Technical Data Sheet here or read our Frequently Asked Questions. 

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