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The Top Cycling Podcasts We've Been Listening to in 2021

Whether you're a cycling pro fan, love bicycles or want your fill of stories from the saddle, these cycling podcasts will be perfect for you.

Whether you're looking for something to listen to during your morning routine, whilst working or even when out on your bike, get your bicycle knowledge fix through these great podcasts we've rounded up. 

Here are some of the best cycling podcasts - ranging from meaningful stories to the latest in professional cycling news, there is a cycling podcast out there for everyone. 

Find them on your Podcasts app on your smartphone, Spotify or wherever you find your podcasts.

  • Velocast 

    • Pro and comical commentary are all things pro cycling from history of cycling for beginners, politics within the sport and recent scandals. Velocast is a great all around. Free versions on iTunes or subscribe to their website for more content.
  • The Cycling Podcast

    • A short, 30-minute weekly podcast about pro cycling and all the happenings of the day. While they mainly focus on men’s cycling, they do have a recurring segment called “The Cycling Podcast Féminin” focusing on women’s pro cycling.
  • TrainerRoad Podcast

    • For those of you with little to no interest in the racing and professional side of cycling, this is a great podcast with insights on nutrition and the latest training research. It does promote the TrainerRoad brand but it’s not bad and the information is top-notch.
  • Bikes or Death Podcast

    • Despite the quite extreme title to the podcast, it’s not that extreme in its content, I promise. The podcast centers around the growing community and interest in bikepacking and adventure cycling. This show features key figures in that community and their experiences.
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