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How WingLights can improve your safety on bicycles and electric scooters

At CYCL, we love cycling and that's why we love WingLights - handlebar mounted turn signals for bicycles. With one ta...

How to Signal on an E-Scooter?

The rise in popularity of electric scooters, particularly in the past year, signals a win for micromobility. Seen as ...

The Best E-Scooter Accessories in 2021

With the rise in electric scooter use across the world in 2020, you may be thinking about getting an zippy escooter t...

E-Scooters set to be trialled on UK roads

Electric scooters will be allowed on the roads legally for the first time under a Department for Transport proposal that aims to consult on the rules needed to allow e-scooters to operate safely.
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