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The Best E-Scooter Accessories in 2021

With the rise in electric scooter use across the world in 2020, you may be thinking about getting an zippy escooter to get you from A to B and help you avoid public transport without breaking a sweat. 

After investing heavily in your escooter you want to ensure you've got the right accessories that do it justice, that's why we've rounded up some of the best electric scooter accessory reviews on YouTube.

Did you know that WingLights indicator turn signals are suitable for electric scooters too? If you escooter has hollow handlebars with a diameter between 14.7 mm and 23 mm WingLights will be able to fit. Adaptors are available for Xiaomi and Ninebot as well as Ninebot Max G30. With one tap they flash bright amber and your direction intentions can be made clear to other road users. Using WingLights 360 models gives you the added option of permanent sidelights - white front facing, red rear facing - making your width clear and improving your all round visibility in low light or darkness. This is particularly beneficial for electric scooters since there is limited space for lighting. 



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