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Top Gifts for New Cyclists in 2021

With a year like 2020, with more ups and downs than a rollercoaster, we are simply feeling grateful and appreciative this December. We may not be able to see our loved ones just yet, however we can find them thoughtful gifts that they will use and love. Many of us took up cycling during 2020 to help us get around and ease the pressure on the public transport system and is a great alternative to those shorter trips often taken by car.

Those new to cycling, casual commuters or laid back cyclists may be looking for some easy accessories to go with their new found hobby. Whether you're looking to stock up on cycling goodies for yourself, or want to gift to a loved one, we've put together a few gifts for the newbie or casual cyclists in your life. Whether they've just learnt to ride or rediscovered their love of two wheels over lockdown (1.0 or 2.0!), these gifts for casual cyclists will be perfect to make them smile at Christmas or any time of year. 

High visibility, waterproof backpack cover. (£15)

This handy backpack cover can fold down into it's own front pocket, making it easy to take with you for days when the weather can't make up its mind. It's stretchy elastic means it will comfortably cover a 20L backpack - around the standard size of a backpack that will fit your laptop and a change of clothes in.  

Ass-savers (from €9.50)

A saddle mounted mudguard that keeps water and dirt off your butt in all kinds of weather. Perfect on those wet commutes.  

FaceGuard Pollution Scarf (£39.99)

Protect yourself from pollution and other airborne nasties with the FaceGuard Pollution Scarf. A tube scarf with integrated nanofiber filter that effectively filters 99.5% of PM 0.1, allowing you to breathe a little easier as you make your way through traffic. The whole scarf (filter included) is washable and reusable, making it super convenient. 

BikeParka (£29.95)

If you're keeping your bicycle outside you're going to need a lock (or two!) and a cover. A good cover will keep your bicycle dry and clean - definitely needed with the winter. BikeParka have plenty of colours and styles to suit your needs.

Abus Granit X Plus 540 Lock (£110)

This lock was voted BEST LOCK OF 2020! by www.thebestbikelock.com. It provides a very high level of security (Sold Secure Gold) and with a 13mm shackle it is as strong as much thicker, heavier alternatives. It still comes in at 1.45kg which may be a little on the heavy side for your commute and is pretty pricy (a worthwhile investment if you consider the alternative of having your favourite bike stolen)

If you're locking up your bike in a slightly lower risk area you may want to check out Kryptonite locks, one of themes well known bike lock brands. We like the Kryptonite Evolution Standard Lock (around £50) - you want to be able to lock your back wheel and the frame to the solid object and this lock is big enough to do so. 

Remember that there is always a risk with locking your bicycle up outside and with the right tools almost all locks can be broken. 

WingLights 360 Mag Bicycle Indicators (£64.99)

Of course we couldn't not include WingLights. The top model includes permanent position lights option (white facing forward, red rear facing) as well as bright amber LEDs that flash when activated with one tap to inform other road users of your intention to turn. The "Mag" feature means that once you fit the mounters into the handlebar hollows, the lights themselves are easy to remove as they magnetically clip into place - convenient if you're using them a lot and they need regular charging via USB. Also great for signalling on an e-scooter.

Happy Christmas Shopping!

From Team CYCL 🚲 🛴


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